Our first 13 faces

The photos on this page are of those brave individuals who have been diagnosed with RMS, if you yourself have been diagnosed or have a close family member who has, and you are happy for a picture to be included on this page then please register for our intranet and we will proudly display it.


Jack in the Algarve July 2015, just days before diagnosis Steven during radiotherapy Turning 7 on October 27, 2017. Week 12 of treatment. Joshua- Fighter and conquerer! Our beautiful Teig Trip and Mommy Chemo round 2 for Kim This picture captures Summer’s joy for life. This is a recent pic of Mitch (age 19 freshman in college) getting ready to swim at his third collegiate swim meet. Mitch is proof many survivors go on to lead healthy happy lives an learn to adapt to the battle scars! 1000 Faces of RMS Savannah Jade
Born 6/13/2017
Diagnosed with Spindle Cell Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma 8/23/17
Elliott after his above knee amputation Sebastian N. Ortiz
Never Forgotten, Always in Our Hearts

Rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS)

RMS is a rare and aggressive form of soft tissue cancer.  RMS has particularly high incidence amongst infant and adolescent cancer patients.  There is evidence to suggest that sarcomas have a disproportionately high genetic basis, unlike cancers that are clearly very largely due to environmental factors, like lung cancer and skin cancers.


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