We wanted to find ways that we can help in the fight against RMS.This site and this page are the result.

Jack donated a sample of his DNA to help the fight, it was easy enough to do and will help the researchers enormously.

Jack in hospital

Can you do the same?

What we can do to help

As most families and patients, we have a real passion to help the fight against this disease. We have found that there are three main ways in which we all can help, any one or more of these is a huge help:

Raise awareness about RMS

Take every opportunity to tell people about this cancer and to encourage everyone to be vigilant for any signs , soft tissue sarcomas are typically painless and grow quickly. Anyone with an unexplained lump larger than a golf ball should have it checked out properly in case it's a sarcoma.

Help the researchers
  • Register for our intranet so that you can answer some questions about your diagnosis , treatment and effects.
  • Participate in the International Sarcoma Kindred Study, all you have to do is contact the group and they will explain what is involved (it's easy) and how it will help (basically providing a blood sample for DNA analysis, the results of which can be made available to support multiple RMS research projects. You really will make a big difference by participating.
    Go to this website
    Contact the study team to find out more about how you can help
    Project Officer, Emma Galena    +61 3 8559 6544    emma.galligan@petermac.org
Help to fund the research and those who care for people affected by RMS

You may like to support either through donating, or by entering into fundraising events yourself:

  • Your local cancer hospital
  • Cancer researchers and research charities in your community
  • Care givers (there are many charities who offer support to RMS patients, children support groups, teenager support groups, hospices etc).
  • We can help other patients and families by participating in the support groups, both online and in person. You can give and receive so much comfort by sharing your experience with others.

Rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS)

RMS is a rare and aggressive form of soft tissue cancer.  RMS has particularly high incidence amongst infant and adolescent cancer patients.  There is evidence to suggest that sarcomas have a disproportionately high genetic basis, unlike cancers that are clearly very largely due to environmental factors, like lung cancer and skin cancers.


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